What's your dream outfit for a holiday party this year? Let me share with you this serminar I attanded at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce last week on, Best Practice in Implementing Corporate Sustainability Plan. At the end, it came down to making sustainability plans that will produce credible results, improve image, attract customers and improve sales.<br/> <br/> Our workshop, Greenwashing...Are You Guilty? help you do just that. It will also help you move with the new sustainability trend from mere green actions to impact of your action, described in my book as &quot;greenpact&quot;. My book, &quot;How to make green claims that lead to effective marketing&quot;, to be released during this workshop.<br/> <br/> Take home:<br/> <br/> Help you conform to green legislations and green marketing regulations<br/> <br/> Provide you with the resources you need to reduce cost, safe time and energy from third party verified green claims<br/> <br/> Assist you to make credible green claims that lead to effective green marketing<br/> <br/> Provide you with effective strategies to boost morale of contractors and staff<br/> <br/> Improve your green reputation and positive public relations<br/> <br/> Help you build a sustainable green culture with an exciting experience in your organization<br/> <br/> Assist you tap from the large pool of existing and growing number of eco-friendly customers<br/> <br/> Help you improve sales and<br/> <br/> Increase profits<br/> <br/> And provide your with a book on: &quot;How to Make Green Claims that lead to Effective Marketing.&quot;<br/> <br/> At the end of this workshop, you will be able to identify green legislations around the world, green marketing regulations, identify new green trends, develop new green ideas, credible green claims, greenwashing, green police, and greenwashers punished by green police, and how to make credible green claims that lead to effective green marketing.<br/> <br/> Venue of workshop: Edmonton Chamber of Commerce<br/> World Trade Centre Building<br/> 9990 Jasper Avenue<br/> Edmonton, AB, Canada.<br/> <br/> To book a seat, contact Frankline at 780.709.0965